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  1. Sign Up if you wish to become a member of the Followership Learning Community. Signing up will allow you to create pages, edit the work of others (unless it is locked or otherwise made secure), write you own material and upload images. Most of the content at the Followership Exchange has been created by members of the community. Signing up means giving us your email address and choosing a password or "invite key" in the parlance of this wiki.
  2. As a member of the community you will be able to create new pages and folders. If you have material you wish us to know about, create a page and title it with a short title. Alternatively, you can place your material on another pre-existing page such as "Bibliography."  If you create a new page you can insert that page into one of the folders below the sidebar or create a folder of your own by clicking on an "Create a Folder" at the bottom of the list of folders underneath the sidebar. If you are uncertain about where to file your page in a folder, just leave it for one of the wiki administrators to file. Unfiled pages appear in the sidebar.
  3. Creating your own page of text and/or images involves using an editor. Any page you create has both a view mode and an edit mode. Be sure you save your material (by clicking "save" in the bottom left corner of the edit mode) before returning to view mode, otherwise you will lose the work you have done.
  4. The "editor"  has little icons at the top of the page. One of them is a globe with a little rectangle at its bottom. If you click the globe, you will be able to make a link or edit a pre-existing link. Most of the other icons have little explanatory text boxes which will pop up if you move your cursor over the icon and wait a second. The editor can be a little tricky or stubborn, like most text editors. Many people prefer creating their text in a word processor and then cut and paste it into the editor. Those who work directly in the editor may wish to set up the spacing between paragraphs by clicking two spaces between paragraphs and then hitting the delete key.
  5. Here is a link to a short, fairly comprehensive guide to using the wiki. It will allow you to quickly locate the particular operation you would like to learn more about.
  6. If your question is not answered by the guide, you may wish to contact the PB Wiki support team. They will usually be in touch with you within a few hours. A Followership Learning Community administrator can also give you more personalized attention or instruction. Elisabeth Higgins Null, for instance, can be contacted for this sort of assistance.

Don't worry about making your work look consistent with that of everything else in the Wiki. Think of this wiki as a gigantic, interactive notebook of ideas and references. We are not making a public presentation so much as sharing information between ourselves and others who might be interested. Occasionally someone with an aesthetic bent may tinker with your page and revise it.


Enjoy the experience and remember this is  an ongoing experiment. Add anything that looks at followership or leader/follower realtions from a follower's perspective. If you would like to discuss this first, contact Ira Chaleff .




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