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Those of you have have used this wiki before may be suprised at some of the changes in the sidebar. Instead of an outline of various pages, those pages (as well as any you might create) are now stored in  folders.  In some browsers, clicking on a folder will not bring you directly to its content but to an area titled "All Pages." Just click the folder you want again, as it appears on the left-hand side, and you will be able to access whatever pages are stored inside.


Press "Edit" (above) to post on this page. You may wish to consult GUIDELINES  for basic information or Elisabeth for further assistance.


In 2009, we have posted several new folders in the sidebar. One of them deals with works in progress: "Resources: Working Papers" with faculty, graduate, and undergraduate sub-categories. This is a good place to post links  and abstracts to work ready for feedback or  research assistance. A page for responses and suggestions has been attached to each sub-category though each page template also allows space for comments. A second folder is "Leader Perspectives on Followers."  This is a good place to post articles that explore the ways leaders influence followers or that look at leader/follower relations primarily from a leadership perspective. We make this classification while acknowledging that, within our learning community, leader-follower relations are usually regarded as mutually influential.


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